Just the Basics

Sep 3, 2012


2013/14 is HERE

Guess what it is time for us to get ready for the upcoming season.  I hope you all have had a wonderful break and are getting your classes
Sep 3, 2012


Just the Basics

This is our first year with a website!! YEAH, hopefully this will give a chance for better communication for all! 2012-13 comes off the h

Sep 3, 2012


New Applicants

If you are a new applicant and you are interested in refereeing for SBO for the first time during the 2013-14season please click on the 'con

SBO Referees……..What We Are!

What does it mean to be a referee for SBO? Well it means a sense of pride! Just like anything else that Sherwood does we pride ourselves in always doing our best. When Sherwood first started supplying our own referees we only had 8 referees on our roster. Yes, that is right only 8 referee to do all of the games in Sherwood. Now we did not have as many games as we have now but that still meant around 4 to 6 games a day for each of us. Each year we have gained a few more recruits and the quality of the game calling has improved. Not just because of the people we have gained but the times we have been able to dedicate to the training and observation of the games that go on here in Sherwood. Each referee that takes the court knows they have the help of every referee on the roster and the knowledge they bring with them. That can be very valuable when you need support during a hard game when the coaches or the fans are not completely happy with what you are saying! We have all been there and we can all help each other through to the next game! Being part of the SBO Referee crew is not just being on the court……it is being part of a winning team!!!!

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SBO Referee Annual "Get Together Meeting" coming up the first week of November TBD

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